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Georgia Governor Signs Bill Protecting Farriers

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Horseshoe'n Time is filmed live at the Farriers' National Research Center

and School, co-sponsored by the

Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association and the

Casey and Son Horseshoeing School.

Horseshoe'n Time is the FIRST weekly show seen nationally,

that is all about horseshoeing!

Visit www.youtube.com to view video clips from our show.

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a list of Equine Massage Therapy Students and much more.

Special Offer for Horse Clubs

Would you like to add our DVDs to your club's library?

Send us your url or a copy of your newsletter and place an announcement about

our DVDs and we will send you one of each of the DVDs listed below to place in your

club's library and share with your members.

You will receive:

   The Grammar School of Trimming and Shoeing Horses

   Equicast Equine Wrap How-To

   Learn how to Handle a Horse for Trimming and Shoeing in a SAFE Environment

  Hoof Rebuilding, Glue-on & Eliminating Thrush

  Equine Hoof Nutrition Lecture

To locate a farrier who can participate in events please to go www.bwfa.net 

Click here for a list of participating Horse Clubs

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